Songs from Grease, Ranked

  1. “Born to Hand Jive”
  2. Getting punched in the gut
  3. “Hopelessly Devoted to You”
  4. Getting punched in the face
  5. “Grease (Is the Word)”
  6. Getting hit by a car
  7. “All I Need Is an Angel”
  8. “Sandy”
  9. Getting hit by a bus
  10. “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee”
  11. “Beauty School Dropout”
  12. Getting shot in the face
  13. “Those Magic Changes”
  14. Being run over by a bus, followed by the bus backing up over you a second time.
  15. “Greased Lightning”
  16.  Getting shot in the gut
  17. “We Go Together”
  18. “You’re the One That I Want”
  19. Dying with the rest of civilization in nuclear fire
  20. “Summer Nights”
  21. The false vacuum of the universe collapses, sending a wave of destruction outwards at the speed of light that wipes away everything in its path and undoes all of time.
  22. The Grease Fucking Megamix

True Detective’s new season: All men are islands

I get it. I get that, after the claims of plagiarism, after the criticisms of the first season, you’d want to pivot. You’d want to do something different, to show that you didn’t succeed the first time on the strength of a gimmick; to prove that you can handle more than a two-hander. You’d want to show that it was your work that drove that success, that your writing was more than just the scaffolding that the director erected the real edifice around. You’d want to go straight.

But why back away from your strengths? The first series was built around the interaction of the characters, the long and digressive arguments that Rust and Marty had about everything other than the case in front of them. Their dialogue was the show, and while there were some amazing action sequences, they worked because they were contrapuntal to what the characters were saying. The visuals revealed to us that the characters were lying, even (especially) when the characters themselves didn’t realize it. (more…)


Quick Links: 6 May 2015


  • The Guardian covers how the Netherlands became a cyclists’ paradise (it started with protests from a group called “Stop the Child Murder”).
  • CityLab: San Francisco is installing (very limited) raised bike lanes.


  • Nieman Lab reports on how the New York Times is using geolocation to customize stories on the Upshot.
  • Business Insider looks at the attraction between social networks and news publishers, from both sides.

The Five Boro Bike Tour

Given that I’ve been riding heavily in the city since we moved back here five years ago, it’s a little strange that I’d never ridden in the Five Boro Bike Tour. Every year, I would see the ads just a little too late, missing the registration deadline. And the first Sunday in May I would usually be hanging out at home instead. Fortunately, this year my wife got me to sign up before the deadline expired, even if I wasn’t able to find anyone to ride with. (more…)

Setting up a new domain

… has gotten a lot easier in the past ten years. The last time I tried to do this, it was three or four days worth of work: getting the name servers right, loading everything over FTP, spending a couple of days tweaking CSS and only then starting to write. This time, I went from no server to up and running in an episode of American Horror Story

I still want to do some tweaking to this theme but the bulk of the work is already done. And now I can post from the phone, too, which just feels decadent. 

Now to commence not writing anything else for four months, to be followed by a post promising to write more. 

First Thoughts: ESPN Redesign 

An infinite scrolling news site I actually like.

ESPN’s new site design, which it launched last week, is the strongest implementation of infinite scrolling that I’ve yet seen. More and more sites seem to be moving in this direction, and while I’m not convinced that it’s ideal for every content provider, it does seem to fit sports perfectly.

The new site was launched April 1, which seems like a weird day to do that until you realize it was the twentieth anniversary of The new site isn’t an equivalent leap online, but it does feel like a major step forward.

ESPN has clearly been working on this for a while. Conceptually, a lot of the design ideas that ESPN implemented here have been tested on ESPN FC, the company’s soccer vertical. That site—rolled out last year, just in time for the World Cup—also features infinite scrolling on both the front page and the news pages. (more…)

I Have Some Minor Concerns Regarding Virginia’s Berth in the Final Four

1 April 2015

Craig Littlepage
Athletic Director
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Dear Mr. Littlepage:

As an alumnus of the University of Virginia, and a long-time fan of our athletic programs, I am truly excited that the Men’s Basketball team has overcome a season-ending loss to Michigan State in the Round of Thirty-Two (32) to play in the Final Four this weekend. However, in reviewing the events of the past week and a half, I am worried that several actions taken by team coaches, players and directors are not in line with the University’s standards of behavior and honor.

For example, despite the assurances of President Teresa Sullivan, I can find no regulation in the NCAA rulebook that allows for a rematch if the losing team can capture all opposing members and coaches and deliver them to Madison Square Garden within forty-eight (48) hours of a loss. Furthermore, I do not believe that dispatching multiple drivers and buses from the University Transit Service to East Lansing, Michigan, was appropriate, even if it did take place during Spring Break.

Coach Tony Bennett also made several questionable substitutions during that rematch, employing a “rope-a-dope” strategy that involved playing several members of the Eastern Albemarle High School Class of ’99 Alumni League team in place of Evan Nolte. These players, all several years out of college, may not have been eligible under NCAA rules, leaving open the possibility that these wins will be vacated at a later date.

The eligibility of the cybernetic clone of Ralph Samson, who played in the Elite Eight (8) rematch against North Carolina State, has also not been determined. His cybernetic status also raises a pertinent question: if the University has access to this technology, why was it not used to restore Justin Anderson’s hand prior to the ACC Conference Championship?

Lastly, there are also several strange occurrences that have taken place since last weekend that, while perhaps innocent in isolation, are worrying when taken in aggregate:

  • The freak indoor thunderstorm at the Consol Energy Center that resulted in Villanova Wildcats forward Daniel Ochefu being struck by lightning at half-court;
  • The disappearance of several articles of clothing and personal effects from Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s office at Cameron Indoor; and
  • The enshrouding of the John Paul Jones Arena and University Hall in a permanent cloak of shadow.

Again, I am excited to be cheering on my alma mater this weekend. But I hope in the off-season—assuming it ever arrives—that the University will be proactive in addressing these concerns.

Beat Duke,

Nick Gorski
CLAS ’07