I Have Some Minor Concerns Regarding Virginia’s Berth in the Final Four

1 April 2015

Craig Littlepage
Athletic Director
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Dear Mr. Littlepage:

As an alumnus of the University of Virginia, and a long-time fan of our athletic programs, I am truly excited that the Men’s Basketball team has overcome a season-ending loss to Michigan State in the Round of Thirty-Two (32) to play in the Final Four this weekend. However, in reviewing the events of the past week and a half, I am worried that several actions taken by team coaches, players and directors are not in line with the University’s standards of behavior and honor.

For example, despite the assurances of President Teresa Sullivan, I can find no regulation in the NCAA rulebook that allows for a rematch if the losing team can capture all opposing members and coaches and deliver them to Madison Square Garden within forty-eight (48) hours of a loss. Furthermore, I do not believe that dispatching multiple drivers and buses from the University Transit Service to East Lansing, Michigan, was appropriate, even if it did take place during Spring Break.

Coach Tony Bennett also made several questionable substitutions during that rematch, employing a “rope-a-dope” strategy that involved playing several members of the Eastern Albemarle High School Class of ’99 Alumni League team in place of Evan Nolte. These players, all several years out of college, may not have been eligible under NCAA rules, leaving open the possibility that these wins will be vacated at a later date.

The eligibility of the cybernetic clone of Ralph Samson, who played in the Elite Eight (8) rematch against North Carolina State, has also not been determined. His cybernetic status also raises a pertinent question: if the University has access to this technology, why was it not used to restore Justin Anderson’s hand prior to the ACC Conference Championship?

Lastly, there are also several strange occurrences that have taken place since last weekend that, while perhaps innocent in isolation, are worrying when taken in aggregate:

  • The freak indoor thunderstorm at the Consol Energy Center that resulted in Villanova Wildcats forward Daniel Ochefu being struck by lightning at half-court;
  • The disappearance of several articles of clothing and personal effects from Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s office at Cameron Indoor; and
  • The enshrouding of the John Paul Jones Arena and University Hall in a permanent cloak of shadow.

Again, I am excited to be cheering on my alma mater this weekend. But I hope in the off-season—assuming it ever arrives—that the University will be proactive in addressing these concerns.

Beat Duke,

Nick Gorski
CLAS ’07